A/B Testing & Optimization: How to Take the Web from Good to Great

January 30, 2018

Designing and building web experiences is important. Testing, learning and optimizing those web experiences you’ve spent time designing and building though is critical. Yes, a/b testing and optimization can be complex… requiring data, analytics, testing tools, methods and process – but it doesn’t need to be as scary or complicated as it seems. A vibrant testing and optimization program begins and grows with some simple and key principles that everyone can apply. This session will highlight those key principles for a healthy testing and optimization program, where to identify high ROI opportunities through real-life testing examples that show the impact of testing, and the tools, processes and methods you can leverage in taking your testing efforts from good to great. Or maybe just to even get started.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand the ROI and impact testing can have to your business and web experiences
  • Develop a comprehensive a/b testing and optimization plan
  • Understand how to leverage tools and methods for identifying high ROI areas for web optimization
  • Leverage and use data-driven decision making through the power of testing and learning
  • Be an optimization hero for your organization – taking the good, and making it great