Engaging in a Connected World With the Power of Audio

January 29, 2018

Moments are important. Capturing attention is crucial. But what happens once you’ve got that attention? In today’s fragmented and increasingly screen-less world, audio is the most powerful way to meaningfully engage with your audience. With the massive adoption of mobile and connected home devices, what makes audio so impactful? How should I be thinking about music as a conduit to reach my audience? And what does science have to say about all of this? Pandora’s Gabe Tartaglia answers those questions and more in this provocative look at the future of audience engagement.

After this session you’ll be able to:

  • Go screenless with the power of audio to make meaningful connections with consumers.
  • Leverage the passion point of music without needing a “music strategy” or “music budget”
  • Understand the role that music and personalization plays in the most memorable advertising campaigns