FUTURE SHOCK: Marketing in an Era of Attention Economics

January 30, 2018

Social thinkers of the 20th Century like Alvin Toffler identified four different groups of people when they face rapid change. Deniers, Specialists, Reversionists and Super-Simplifiers. You probably know each one of these people in your personal or professional life. To truly breakthrough in the world of the communications economy in the 21st Century we may need to be more like the fifth and sixth groups now starting to emerge. The fifth group is known as Visionaries. Those who understand that innovation, new products and new services are the way to get people talking about them because of their bold ambitions. The sixth group are Provocateurs. These are personalities who provoke, cause mayhem and disruption, information jam and do everything we’ve been told not to do growing up in life when it comes to manners and etiquette. They act this way in order to hijack the news-feed reactive behavior of now. While not something to aspire to, this behavior works and could be used by many in the fields of both the natural sciences and social sciences who struggle to gain a foothold with sectors of the population around adopting narratives (climate change, natural energy, electric cars, equal wages for women).

In this session learn these six essential takeaways:

  • How to use analog activities help enhance your digital marketing results (“”moments in time”” aka “”insta syndrome””)
  • Why engagement doesn’t matter even though most social media “”gurus”” says it does
  • Understanding and leveraging the value of a “”like””
  • Why reach is more important than performance marketers realize
  • How to understand and use culture jamming in your marketing strategy
  • How to use bots and voice commands to create experiences for both humans and robots based on an “internet of actions”