Millennials and Gen Z can sniff out marketing BS better than any generation before them. And yet, for some reason (*ahem, focus groups*), so many brands still serve up bullshit, thereby turning off young audiences and coming across as, like, TOTES lame. #Fail.

Hassan S. Ali, Creative Marketing Director of Onion, Inc., will discuss how his team works with brands to create campaigns that are authentic, genuine, and free of BS, staying true to The Onion’s voice of telling it like it is. He’ll offer up useful tips to help you put together a marketing strategy that cuts the BS and, most importantly, gets young audiences to talk about your brand to all their super-cool friends. #Winning. After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Use publishers and influencers to create branded content that’s far more effective (and less BS-filled) than traditional online advertising (e.g. pre-roll ads).
  • Craft branded content for maximum impact on social media
  • Effectively use humor to connect with young audiences
  • Identify the cutting edge tools you need to interact with young audiences better — i.e. messenger bots, live streaming video, and interactive tech