We are only bound by the speed of technology. There are no geographic barriers and the gatekeepers have been removed. The world of technology has created an equal opportunity space. However, with more and more people communicating virtually, via technology instead of face-to-face, we have a deficit of serotonin exchange – especially when some generations are learning to use technology before they learn to talk. Positive and negative energy (content) can move equally as fast. As a pioneer of social communication, the second verified person ever on Twitter with a million+ person following, Amy Jo originally fell in love with social communication channels because of the positive potential they offered. She will share her current clinical research on the impact technology is having on human behavior – including the emerging world of Artificial Intelligence.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how to develop business strategies around the exchange of serotonin online. Not just funnel these efforts through community relationship and charitable departments
  • Connect with consumers and not drown in the sea of sameness
  • Understand and leverage emotional technology in your campaigns