We are All Differently Abled: Dispelling Accessibility Myths and Creating Solutions

Although generally thought of as something only important to the “”disabled”, considering accessibility for digital products improves everyone’s experience. This is true regardless of their particular abilities. Instead of treating accessibility as a checklist or afterthought, it’s important to build it into every decision being made in a technology project. Like many requirements that are thought of as something included for a niche audience, accessibility is something that not only addresses the needs of the deaf or blind, it broadens the scope of how well all users interact with your product and could save you from expensive court costs!

This session will examine many of the myths that have built up around the ideas of creating accessible digital products and real-world solutions for how to move beyond them.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a case for why Accessibility matters for more than just the “disabled”
  • Counter many of the most common accessibility preconceptions that prevent digital projects from attaining true accessibility
  • Apply actionable ways to bring accessibility thinking into every stage of a product