Digital Analytics in 2022 – Part 2: Consumer Privacy’s Impact on Digital Marketing

In an effort to safeguard consumer privacy and protect the audience’s right to access information in anonymity, a mixture of technology providers, platforms and lawmakers have taken proactive measures that impact the digital marketer’s ability to effectively target and measure prospective customers. From ad blockers and private browsers to iOS 14/15 updates and the potential removal of third-party cookies, the hurdles now placed in front of a digital marketing and measurement plan are more numerous than ever. In this session, attendees will given a plain-English explanation of the methods now in place to maintain privacy, their impact on the digital marketing landscape, and realistic solutions for marketers.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Make sense of current and recently introduced factors (e.g. GDPR, CCPA, iOS updates, etc.) that protect consumer privacy
  • Determine the degree to which privacy settings, government regulations and pending updates impact your digital marketing operations
  • Incorporate suggested solutions into your own digital advertising and measurement plans for 2022

Who should attend?
This session is for experienced digital marketers who are seeking additional information about the impact of consumer privacy policies and regulations and how to maintain efficacy with their outreach and measurement practices moving forward.