Evaluating the Four Pillars of Digital Transformation Success

Digital transformation can help any business restructure in ways that create competitive advantage, increase value, exceed customer expectations and drive more revenue. Pandemic-fueled mayhem aside, true transformation is a goal reached through planning, building and learning, with a healthy reliance on strategy and collaboration. To get it right, companies need to go back to basics, evaluating their adherence to the four key components of digital transformation.

Sharon Harris, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Jellyfish, (a global leader to brands like Nike, eBay, Uber, and ESPN) believes to truly excel at digital transformation, companies must go back to basics by evaluating their adherence to the four main components of digital transformation success: people, technology, data and creativity.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Apply the Know Your Customer (KYC) operating model and increase efficiencies and effectiveness
  • Apply a step-by-step approach for A/B testing, planning and execution
  • Create a roadmap to future-proofing digital initiatives within your organization using the four pillars of digital transformation success

Who should attend?
This session is for marketing leaders looking to further understand how to reach their digital transformation goals with more efficiency and better results.