How to Design a Culture of Experience in Your Organization

Although there is growing evidence that experience-driven organizations have an innovative advantage, and that experience is a key differentiator among competitors, many companies do not have a mature culture of customer-first practices. Learning how to design WITH users, instead of FOR them, can be an entire cultural shift for some organizations. This session will address how designers can utilize familiar tools and methodologies to improve organizational culture by approaching it as a design problem. You’ll hear insights and tactics for getting a seat at the table, as well as a strategy for advancing design maturity within an organization.

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the level of design maturity and culture within their organization
  • Understand the value a mature culture of experience can add to their organization and how they can contribute
  • Utilize designer math to communicate results in ways that are meaningful to stakeholders
  • Leverage design tools and principles to align processes, as well as create a roadmap and measurable strategy to influence and evolve organizational culture