Keyword Research Like a Pro: Next-Level SEO Techniques for Modern Marketers

Do you rely on Google’s Keyword Planner to research keywords for your website’s meta data and on-page content? So does your competition. In fact, your competition is probably a few steps ahead of you. In the world of Google’s Rankbrain, A.I, voice search, Google’s Knowledge Graph, and modern search engine algorithms—traditional forms of keyword research just no
longer apply. The modern digital landscape is underpinned by algorithms and indexed by robots forged to understand how humans think – from intention to semantics. In this session, you will learn tactics and strategies that separate the amateurs from the pros and take your keyword research to the next level.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Build keyword funnels based on your customer’s journey and conversion goals
  • Find Golden-Nugget keywords with “high commercial intent” using the latest tools
  • Effectively mine Google’s search engine result pages, forums, related topics, hashtags and social media trends
  • Increase your brand visibility in Google’s search results utilizing featured snippets, answer boxes, and social media feeds