Tactics to Drive B2B Multi-Channel Engagement

Move over B2C marketers, your B2B brethren are on your heels. Forever, B2B go-to-market teams have lagged in the tactics and technologies that make B2C marketers so effective: creating personalized experiences. But B2B buyers now want more out of their experience, and we’re finally armed with both new attitudes and tech to give it to them. Welcome to a new era where B2B marketing looks and acts more like B2C. During this session, Terminus’ Sr. Manager of Account-Based Marketing, Greg Toler, will take you through specific tactics you can use to create tailored customer experiences across various channels and drive impactful engagement.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Adapt your marketing strategy for the not-too-distant future that B2B marketers are walking into
  • Apply multi-channel strategies that B2B marketers are successfully using to achieve stunning results
  • Discover new multi-channel plays you can put into action right now